Latino Inventions

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Latino Inventions

Our everyday lives have been shaped by underrated Latina and Latino inventors. Their gifts have improved our lives and it’s important to recognize them. Here are just a few Latina and Latino inventors that we think you should know more about:

Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena

Color TV – an accomplishment in electrical engineering that has been adapted into our streaming services.

Lydia Villa-Komaroff

Insulin shots – the medicine millions of people with diabetes rely on to survive. 

Luis Miramontes

Oral contraceptive pill –  a powerful tool women have benefited from since it’s invention. The pill has been named one of the most important inventions by the U.S Department of Patents. 

Victor Ochoa

The electric brake – this allows us to quickly stop our car by pressing down on a pedal. 

Dr Domingo Liotta

Artificial Heart – a critical tool that has saved lives in the field of heart surgery. 

José Hernández-Rebollar

Acceleglove – a prototype device that can translate 300 words and the alphabet into American Sign Language into both English and Spanish! 

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