Black Lives Matter

Posted on: June 11, 2020 Posted by: mpurban Comments: 0

Black Lives Matter

We are experiencing a historic shift. Around the world and right here in Los Angeles, demonstrations calling out police brutality and racism are rapidly influencing policy and bringing about conversations many Americans avoid.

This country was built on the backs of people of color and continues to rely on that hard work to keep us going. As Latina/os, we always have to remember and remind our families that we too have African roots. Latin America hosts a collection of the world’s races, cultures, religions and customs that have been intergrading into a hybrid we call Latinidad. African influence is evident in our food, music, dance, art and even hair texture.

It is not enough to recognize where we come from. We must also call out racism at work, with our friends and at home. Too many. Latina/o households tolerate anti-black sentiments. Call it out. To see a real difference in attitude in the future, we must keep each other, especially our families, accountable for anti-black racism.

Do more than post on social media. Do more than attend a protest. When you hear or see racism, take the opportunity to educate no matter how uncomfortable it may feel.

Black Lives Matter.

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